7 Reasons Why You Won’t Take Action

Hey, let’s get it out there…I know you have good intentions. You want to get rich, slim and happy right? Yet something always stops, or happens to you that never allows you that opportunity?

Well let me assure you, you are not alone. Be it New Years eve’s resolutions, Summer body resolutions, New fad diet resolutions, Make a million resolutions, I’ve figured out why you just can’t take action and stick with it or keep taking action to actually accomplish your goals.

You don’t believe it will work

When you did try (and quit), you created a belief that suggests, “what if it doesn’t work”?

Life’s’ battered you into submission

In other words, you have submitted to avoid the pain of failure yet again.

If these scare you into surrender, I want to ask you…” did you come here to watch, or to win”? Winners figure it out and play to win. Everyone else surrenders and watches the players get paid with great income, extraordinary lives and epic experiences and toys. Stop being a spectator in your life. Let’s annihilate these reasons and sign up for coaching your dream with Vinesh Maharaj. Turn dreams into reality.

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