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Vinesh Maharaj has become well known as the “no excuse” results getter. From humble beginnings of South Africa, where he escaped the ghettos- to breathtaking skyline views in Africa’s economic hub. He knows just what it takes to pull yourself out of a tough situation and make the most of your life and business.

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Get Vinesh Maharaj to ignite and activate your next Conference with his energy charged, customized Key Note talk.  Whether you need a sales or motivational talk, Vinesh delivers an inspiring and passionate talk to raise the thinking, focus and outcomes your conference needs

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The best teams in sports and business often have the best trainers.  Train your team in sales, service and call centres with market relevant hard and soft skills to help your team shatter targets, KPI’s and customer scorecards.  Vinesh has spent the last decade helping corporate South Africa.  Get your team banking…

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Get individual attention with Vinesh.  From your personal needs and challenges to your business opportunities for growth.  A hands-on approach that creates massive results in your personal and professional life.

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Kick Average in The Teeth

Kick Average In The Teeth” is a book written by Vinesh Maharaj. Vinesh is motivational speaker, author, life coach and Trainer. Learn more or get in touch with him to book a session.

Why Be Average?
No one wants an average lifestyle, lover, income or vacation…So why settle? Why be Average?

Take Control of Your Life
Use your freedom to choose and take full control of your income, romance and lifestyle.

Live True to Your Dreams
Imagine living true to your dreams and goals, living life on your own terms.

Unleash The Epic YOU
Within you is Epic Levels of Potential. Imagine being ALL that you could be?



For the last decade, Vinesh has been providing people with tools, techniques and principles to help them achieve their wildest dream. He is not just another “feel-good guru” who will motivate you temporarily, only for you to fall back on old, bad habits. No! Vinesh is both hands-on and results-oriented.

His powerful keynote presentations are not just motivation… But about helping people take the necessary action to improve their lives right now, today! This is done through inspiring, motivational and entertaining content that will challenge beliefs and open eyes to the immense world of possibilities.

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Vinesh Maharaj (Kick Average In The Teeth Author)

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An article revealed a study where training alone was compared to life coaching combined with training. The study showed that training combined with weekly life coaching increased productivity.

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Kick Average In The Teeth

Kick Average In The Teeth

As an author, I have recently released my latest book title “Kick Average In The Teeth”. The book is available for download on my website under “Downloads”.

Kick Average In The Teeth

Availably Digitally

As we are moving into 4IR, everything become digital. I also have a digital version of my book available for download.

Kick Average In The Teeth

Available In Multi-Format

Kick Average In The Teeth is available in both soft and hard copy for download and order purchase.

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Before you start your coaching, you’re sure to have a number of questions about the journey you will soon undertake. Here are crunched numbers about it before coaching even begins.

Before you start your coaching, you’re sure to have a number of questions about the journey you will soon undertake. Here are crunched numbers about it before coaching even begins.

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