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Kick Average In The Teeth” best selling book written by Vinesh Maharaj. The book focuses on your goals and habits required to create a life you deserve and desire.

Vinesh the author is also a highly sought after motivational speaker, MC, life coach and trainer. Learn more or get in touch to book him today

Vinesh Maharaj

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Turning dreams into reality through the power of inspired action. Say no to average and yes to excellence! All of us grow up with amazing dreams we plan to live someday, unfortunately for most people, these dreams fade away. The reason why doesn’t matter.

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Kick Average In The Teeth

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100 Ways To Stay Motivated

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One on one sessions with MD’s of companies, sales managers, office managers and sales people who need to grow their next promotion by crushing their KPI’s, targets and goals by increasing their contribution and success at work.
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About The Book

Kick Average In The Teeth

Kick Average in the Teeth is about realizing that anything is possible and you have the power to change your story. Imagine waking up each and every day knowing you can conquer your obstacles and get closer to achieving your goals.

Imaging utilizing the power of your mind to create the life you want when you want. Imagine building a system for success that helps you get obsessed and get the job done every time.

Kick Average in the Teeth will teach you these things and more:
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From humble beginnings to skyline views, Vinesh overcame the ghettos of South Africa by rejecting average and pursuing excellence. He now shares motivating stories and actionable steps to start improving your life. If you are ready to take action and start your own inspirational journey  then get your copy today.

With this book you will learn how to take this newfound and lasting motivation, and direct it towards achieving your wildest dreams. 

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