Get Uncomfortable Vinesh Maharaj

GET UNCOMFORTABLE – Comfort will kill your dreams

Did you know that comfort takes more prisoners than all the jails around the world combined?

Yes, more dreams die because of comfort everyday because of a false sense of security.

“Sadly the middle class got comfortable…”    Comfortable” in a job they hate, working for someone they despise and in a job that they’re underpaid in.  Sounds like comfort right?

Get uncomfortable. Get so uncomfortable that you grow into your dream job, life…love and romance.

To achieve all of that and more you must surrender the notion of comfort.  Everyone killing it at life is not comfortable…yes THEY’RE UNCOMFORTABLE. They’re hungry for the next level and know growth is on the other side of discomfort.

The comfortable gazelle becomes breakfast for the hungry lion.  Choose…Lion, or Gazelle?  Comfort or True Freedom?

Push through the seduction of comfort and do one more repetition at the gym, do one more sales call, do one more skills development course… do one more anything that takes you forward, further and faster than comfort ever will.

Yes…get so uncomfortable you MUST achieve your dream career, business, romance, income and more…

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