Prosperity | What They Didn’t Teach You At School.

“In the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty” sang Bob Marley in the song aptly titled “Rat Race”. After 16 years of school and university, I still knew nothing about prosperity, except that I wanted it.

Prosperity is defined as “the state of being prosperous” and prosperous means…being “successful in material terms; flourishing financially”.

If you are tired of too much month and too little money, something needs to change. That change starts with your mindset. It’s time to adopt a prosperity and abundance mindset. If you keep counting the lack, all you will see is lack. Then, you look for more lack and the human brain is intelligent, it will find more lack than you can imagine. What you focus on grows.

Now turn this around friends and look for abundance. Is there an abundance of air, water, sand, trees, leaves, grass, and clothing in your closet, food in your cupboards, love in your life, health and vitality? When you move to gratitude, you start seeing how much you actually have. This forms the foundation of creation and attraction. Creating and attracting more of what you want, not what you lack.

Dr Emoto (Masaru Emoto was a Japanese author and pseudo-scientist) who proved the power of words, on mater. Water, when spoken to, with love showed beautiful crystal shapes under microscopic inspection. Negative speech, to water created harsh, painful and disjointed molecular structures as depicted below.

Now don’t get me wrong, if you still have too much month and too little money, you have to start looking for opportunities in your life to create more income.

To start that journey to prosperity, you must win the war of the mind. When you change your conversation, verbal and non-verbal, to convince your brain. The brain is clever and dumb, it can’t tell the difference between reality and illusion, like a nightmare that has you sweating, screaming and running for your life from a criminal with an axe in hand!

You can create the prosperity you want, now! Start thinking, speaking and being grateful for all the wealth and abundance in your life and watch it manifest. Control the deceitful mind that lies, taking it from lack, to abundance and prosperity.

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