Your Success Is Your Birthright

Seeds are the birthright of future goals or achievement. Daily, we are either sowing seeds of doubt, fear and failure or seeds of confidence, courage, success and achievement. Seeds are the thoughts and actions which when applied with a successful formula, germinate and create your desired outcomes.

No school, college or university teaches the Art of Seeding, which explains why so many people are harvesting the bitter fruits of self-destruction, financial meltdown, marital failure, career disaster, and so forth.

Its common knowledge that within an apple, is a pot realization entail orchard. Similarly, within you there is an infinity of riches of all kinds; health, wealth, family, friends, community, spirituality… Why then are so few people living in full potential?

To manifest success, a deep internal realization and awakening must first happen. The realization that it’s all already within you (BELIEF), followed by it being possible for you (POSSIBILITY), along with the INSPIRATION to work at toiling the soils of success until manifestation is achieved.


There are no shortcuts to going anywhere worthwhile. Success itself must be earned. Success is not an event. It’s a process. Don’t seek financial freedom in an event such as the lottery, “When I land that DEAL,” “When I earn $1Mil”, “When I get a RAISE”. 44% of lottery winners end up broke within 5 years. Any lasting and meaningful place to go to in health, wealth and any other is a process. A series of incremental activities, which yield the final RESULT.

Want to achieve great success in your life? Start coaching with Vinesh Maharaj to help you fulfill your potential. Don’t leave it up to chance. Don’t wait or procrastinate a good decision. Make the decision now and aim for the moon.

Are you worth investing in? Are your career, health, financial and business goals worth investing in?

Fortune favours the brave.

Help me make the world a better place. Please share this with those who need some inspiration, motivation and clarity? Thank you in advance.

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