Hustle Like An Immigrant

I love immigrants. I love the fact that they are willing to hustle. They are committed to doing whatever it takes. Immigrants don’t have any Social Security or “SASSA” to fall back on. They don’t generally have friends or relatives who can put them up for too long. They often only have the determination to make a better life for themselves and their loved ones here and those back home.

Over the millennia, migrant workers have fueled economic growth through doing from the most menial to the most pro table work. Starting with nothing in most cases but the dream of a better life. Be it the British, French, Italians of over 300 years ago who found New York. Or, in the recent past the Mexicans, the Zimbabweans, Polish, Ukrainians and the rest of the world. 

Back home, here in South Africa, we have seen a huge in UX of migrant workers, much like Dubai, Australia and Canada to mention but a few we have seen in the last decade or two. Why am I so pro-immigrant? They have the Hustle Muscle, the hunger, the determination, the work ethic which our forefathers to once had. Sadly we became complacent with our cushy middle-class salaries and the mediocre comforts of suburbia.

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