The Secret to all success is ACTION.  Action creates life itself …procreation is an act, not an idea…the bodies of body builders (hypertrophy), businesses (wealth) etc. are the results of action.

Hunters…like lion’s, cheetahs, eagles etc. all hunt (take action) for survival and success of the species.

No success is possible without action. If you want to kill procrastination and win more at business and life you must master the motivation and execution of action.

Here are 7 Ways to help you take more action:

  1. Stop Talking. Talk is cheap.  You lose face with the people you keep talking to, who see you do nothing.
  2. Stop Overthinking. Action paralysis kills dreams.
  3. Start Now. Action triumphs the best of intent.  Start Now, don’t wait for perfection.  It’s a fantasy!
  4. Take ONE action to break the action stale mate.
  5. Then Take Multiple and Continuous Actions. A boxer needs many strikes to land the knock out punch.
  6. Stay Focused on Action, and not distraction.
  7. Build an Action List for your daily delivery, making it a habit that sticks.

Go on, victory lies on the other side of action.  Go get everything you want today.

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