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Is your personal and professional growth limited to your genetics, education, ethnicity, network or area code?  Or is it exponential…based on your mindset?

How is it that twins from the same parents end up in such contrasting places?  One of the twins born to junkie parents in the Bronx, becomes a junkie like mom and dad, drugging away his days while living on social security… yet the other becomes a successful, family man, medical doctor, husband and father living the suburban life providing the life he didn’t have.  How is this possible?

From this short story common among siblings (one blows the lights out, while the others settle or surrender to the status quo) it’s evident that your mindset is directly proportionate to your levels of accomplishment in business and life.  A fixed mindset keeps you fixed in the status quo, while a growth mindset is committed to growing to the next level.

The primary differences between a fixed and growth mindset is that a fixed mindset is static, innate and unchangeable.

Yet, a growth mindset accepts that skills, knowledge and talents are learnable and outcomes are achievable through the right action.

Whatever personal or professional, economic or emotional challenges you may be undergoing know that you can change the trajectory of your life by embracing your approach to the problem and by learning the new skills, thoughts and behaviours you can control to change the outcomes.

Just like all inventions and solutions.  They started with a problem…Transportation, Communication, Entertainment etc. are examples of what a growth mindset can achieve if you embrace the possibility of growth.

Today we fly, not walk.  We talk in real time on devices that send audio and video simultaneously at lightning speed across the globe and are spoilt with entertainment choices.  Not too long ago these were near impossible.

Do the impossible and develop a growth mindset.  Start today…choose a growth mindset to overcome your challenges to accomplish the life you deserve.  Empowerment is a self-centered game.  Be selfish for your best future in your family, career, business and success in life.

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed no hope at all.

Dale Carnegie

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